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Niehaus & Co. Architects is a client-orientated business, leading design innovation in the context of the global market. The firm benchmarks against world-class best practice, across the whole spectrum of the architectural landscape: residential, commercial, industrial, leisure… you name it, we do it! We associate with top class technology partners to be at your service and to enhance your brief with futuristic design vision with timeless soul…

We stand for client service and product excellence, always…….


  • To strive towards quality rather than quantity.
  • To keep an international standard of practice and quality in all facets of our professionalism.
  • To skill and evolve ourselves around ever developing technology - to enable us to deliver an ever better product and ever content client base.
  • To position ourselves above the best by always becoming better.
  • To be innovative - to be on the forefront of new concepts, acknowledging trends but setting timeless trends rather than following them.
  • To contribute towards the community and its challenges.
  • To listen to client requests, then follow with satisfactory solutions.
  • To grow progressively, with a “following” client base.


  • The Always Satisfied Client
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Love

Creativity …. is the spice of life …!

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